09 January 2007

My Father God

A few days ago a friend made me think by pointing out that I begin my prayers "Father God." I think that how people address God can tell alot about how they view him. I think I call him Father because it is both a term of endearment and love, but also because I feel protected & cared for by my Father in heaven. It may seem silly, but often when I'm praying to God I picture in my mind myself climbing up into the lap of a shining, smiling father seated on a big chair with glowing white robes as He gathers me into his arms.

God accepts us as we are, He just wants us to COME, even with whatever crap we've been rolling in. He says, "bring it
with you, I can handle even that." I was re-reading Zechariah Ch3 again today in church which is a vision of how God cleansed Joshua so that he could lead God's people. This is the same Joshua who crossed into the promised land and told his
people to take it b/c they had God on their side, and the same one who ultimately did lead his people into the promised land, and especially the one from Joshua Ch1 (esp v6-9) where God tells him repeatedly to be strong and courageous. Those were verses that I took to heart this summer when I went on a mission trip. God called us to be strong and courageous and He would lead us into the fray. The fun part is that He gives us the strength and the power, even when we don't think we can do it. And as it tells about in Zechariah, even an amazing soldier for God like Joshua came to Him in filthy rags that God cleaned up.
Satan was trying to destroy him, but God said no.

God had other plans.