11 May 2011

From Chickies to Peeps...

We have a picture of me and my sister from when we were kiddos in Gabriel's room by his bed.  I love it and some nights as I'm telling him who all loves him before saying good night, I include his aunts and uncles as well as parents and grandparents (Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, ...).

Here's a video with a very special audience... Gabey's Auntie P!  The visual quality is the pits but I captured my little fellow as we were saying good night the other night with a special message.

So basically you have to come visit soon so he will be able to tell his Aunt P night-night in person.  :D

Love you, Sissy!

08 May 2011

Chicken Run... well sort of.

A rare photographic triumph: catching the Blue-Laced-Red Wyandotte pullets in a recent tete-a-tete with homo sapiens toddlerensis.

I have some chickens.  They are no mensa scholars as one might assume from the whole chicken thing.  But they are quite fun to have around and we look forward to them earning their keep.  Dorcas, Hazel, Bluebell, and Merle.  Although not the brightest matches in the box, they each have their own personalities and prove quite amusing as they peck and flutter around our little homestead.  They have it quite good as their pen is underneath the playset and they get the run of the vineyard and garden a few times a day.  The other afternoon we had an interesting interaction between the Girls, as I call them, and Gabriel.  

Here's how it began.  For some unknown reason, they decided to hop up the ladder to the top level of the playset.  I believe that Bluebell was the instigator (she's not just dull, she's so vapid sometimes I think she has to remind herself to breathe out).  

Unfortunately for the Girls, they did not realize that prime antagonist #1, the Boy, was on the loose and in hot pursuit. (Not to be confused with prime antagonist #2, the Dog, who has decided that chicken herding is her calling in life since she never got to hunt hogs, well her calling right after holding down the pillow in the living room and the pillow in the bedroom while snoring loudly).

Pecking along from what they believed to be a new, peaceful, elevated perch, they had little inkling that they were about to besieged by a tow-headed prince.
 (Cluck - I'm the King of the World - Cluck)

 Duh-nuh, duh-nuh. Dunuhdunuhdunuh, Dun-Nuh!!!!  (Jaws theme)

Eeek!  He's really coming!  He's almost here, Dorcas!  What will we do?!? The sky is falling! 

We'll never make it out alive!
Slide, fly, or perish!

Fly it is! Head for the hills, Girls!

Whew!  That was a close one.  ;) But all's well that ends well.  The girls toddled off into the vineyard to continue their decimation of the pill bug population and the Boy went Weeeee down the slide.  

A good time was had by all. 

Or most.  Or at least me.  And the Boy.