05 May 2011

A day in the life of Gabey's Mom, a photoessay.

Here are a few snapshots from a day in the life of our little angel...
Peace.  At least when he's sleeping.

Question everything. Even at naptime.

A little bit saucy and always pushing the limits.

But helpful!

Likes to read or be read to.

"Bunk" - the way he shows affection.  To Mommy, to Daddy, and even to Ele.

(We thought he was over this.)  
Still eats dirt if the occasion calls for it.

Daredevil.  Already taking after Daddy.

But loves animals, especially the horsey, like Mommy, too.

Full of surprises.

Tractor, tractor, tractor - to the 50th power.

No, really.  He says it at least 100x a day.

Our littlest vintner.  In fact, we have been teaching him not to pick the grapes this week.

Our smart boy already knows tons of words. 

Here is his response to 'Where's your hair?'

And 'Where's your ear?'

Then after his bath he asks for 'Brushing.'

And he's even learned to put shoes on.  Mine that is.

He takes his game down the slide, although best results are when Mommy or Daddy are there to catch.
Alls well that ends well, though.

Happy Mother's Day from our little family to yours!! :)

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