29 May 2011

New Camera-itis!!

I got a new camera a couple weeks ago.  Yay! 
 This means a couple of great things.  1) I can take more and higher quality pics. 2) I can now shoot HD video of my favorite subject (little G) and others.  It is an Olympus PEN P-L2.  I picked Olympus because when I was a horsevet I learned that they are the best in the world at making incredible lenses and things that help you see through those lenses even around corners, under flaps, and in the wee dark recesses of a snotty horse's throat.  I picked the type because it's a cool middle ground between the uber convenient point-and-shoot cameras and their bulkier, finer big Bros the digital SLR.  It is called a Micro 4/3rds and through engineering wizardry they combined a small digital body with interchangeable lenses for a whole lotta fun!

So, without further ado... here are a few shots.  

Gabey and Rocky the dog. Photo with only slight enhancement.

Gabey and my dad.

The best little cabana boy you've ever seen.

Macro lens - check! Can't you just feel the fuzziness of that sage. 

Terrifically cute boy-o (with last year's hat on big head-o) - check!

My favorite boys! - check.

Papa & G with the 'pinhole' effect.

I'm lovin' me some great lens! :)

Don't remember the name of this effect, but isn't it cool!

A gorgeous sunset over the vineyard. 

**any and all effects made with my camera!**

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