18 November 2006

poetry i.


You are fettered
by the lures of this world.
They've twined around your ankles
like a seductive voice
You are bound
by things that lie &
say they love you,
ideas that say they are easier
& people who say they are your friends

when in actuality;
they hate you,
they are harder & painful,
& they could hardly know you less.

They don't know your eye color,
much less the shape of your heart
the feel of your ideas & the strength of your values.

You need to free the man inside.
The one God created to be.
The lame man Jesus made to walk.
The blind one that has merely been
holding his lids closed.

He is a strong, courageous, joyful,
beautiful man made for an amazing
relationship with his Father.

& perhaps as he walks along
holding his Father's right hand,
one day he'll see there is a woman
holding his left hand.

A woman that captures your heart
because He captured hers.
She is beautiful only
because He is in her.
& that is what she will see
& love about you.

Your open eyes & the shape of your heart,
& strong values & the walking,
the walking you do with God.


Sometimes I need to retreat
Its only You & me now
In a soft grass field at night
Light of a thousand pinpoint stars
tip my fingers and touch my heart
Living forest at the edge of awareness
calling out in the voice of crickets and rustling leaves.
Midnight blue reaches down, enfolding me
Are you laying right net to me
Breathing on me with early fall coolness
and crisp pine needles underfoot.
Your creation speaks to me, calls my name
tells me of your passion, for me.
And I retreat, withdraw, turn from myself
And you are there. You always were.
I see you now. I feel you now.
Love caresses me in midnight blue,
cricket song, pine tang, and the
reaching down to hold even my hand.


his eyes do not see


are his eyes closed
or merely looking away

is the blindness forever
or only for today

would a soft touch upon the lid
release the seal to clarity

or are they clamped tightly shut
because his mind has decided not to see

perhaps a soft breeze
or the offing of a blinding light
would allow him to look

to now see


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