02 February 2011

On a Roll...

Ok, so this is clearly remarkable.  I'm posting more than once a year.  Dipping my toe into these blogging waters and we'll see how she goes.

Kitchen tip #1 -

This may save my life, or at least 2 minutes in the near future which, let's be honest, sometimes feels like a life.  ;)

When making dry goods (bean soup, cookies, bread, etc), make two.

Yep that's it.

Make a second one, put it in a baggie, label with what it is or even what else to add to make the thing it wants to become.  And voila!  Less mess and less time in the future.

I've done this with pancakes and now my fav chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies and I think I'm in love.  Culinarily speaking, of course.

Hope that helps give you a stitch in time you might have otherwise lost.

:)  Maidofclay -and tonight covered in flour.

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